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Orthognathic Surgery

More Recently

These pictures encompass 6 wks post op up until 3.5 months post op. Along the way I noticed that my swelling fluxuated and still does. My upper gums are FINALLY (at nearly 6 months at this point) starting to tingle and regain some feeling. My cheeks still feel a little "thick" around the nose area where the plates are. And especially if I've laid weird or not been very active for a few days i can tell there's a bit more swelling than there normally is. But everything is slowly subsiding and falling into place and I couldn't be happier. I still get joy out of biting into a burger or pizza or a pickle or something and actually being able to bite it in two. Haha, in fact, right before Christmas break I called my parents just to tell them I was eating an apple without cutting it up. That joy was mainly from my mouth being able to open that wide, I could eat apples before the surgery. Occassionally my jaw will pop or get stiff but it's fine for the majority of the time. If i had to make the choice again as to whether to have the surgery or not I would definitely do it, and I would still recommend Dr. Yallorakis to anyone in the area considering the surgery.

This first picture was taken 6 weeks after jaw surgery. That is my wonderful boyfriend James in the picture with me. He has been with me through this entire surgery. I'll digress a bit so the females reading this site can AWWWW haha. Anyway, we met online over a year ago and finally met up in person June 1, 2005. He lives two hours away from my hometown. My surgery was July 22 and even though we had only been dating a couple of months he came up to see me while my jaw was wired shut. That was interesting. I used my laptop to communicate because typing is much faster than writing. But he stuck with me through it all and I love him even more for that. :-D

6 wks after surgery with my wonderful boyfriend

more 3.5 months pics to the right and below...definite decrease in swelling...I was finally starting to look like myself again and be recognized by most people...

3.5 months

3.5 months after surgery

As you can tell the swelling decreased alot from 6 wks to the 3.5 months point. I wish I had more pictures but this was during school and things got a little crazy.

3.5 months still

I could definitely tell a difference at this point as to how many people started recognizing me. Some people still don't and I've determined that it's a matter of how their brains work. If they tend to recognize people as a whole without paying attention to details they dont' recognize me right off but if they are the kind who pay attention to details then they recognize me by my eyes. It's kind of weird when people dont' recogznie me but then when i tell them who i am or someone else does, the look of surprise on their face gives me a warm feeling inside :-)