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Orthognathic Surgery

Braces OFF!!

So there were a couple pics on the other page but here are some better up close ones...

I have a retainer with a wire across the front for one main reason...I'm missing my upper right lateral. The retainer has a prosthetic tooth and I will be wearing it for at least 3 months, and probably May when I can actually get back to the orthodonist, to get a partial until I can get an implant, which probably will not be this summer because I am planning on taking summer classes. I was kind of upset when I got the retainer that had a wire across the front because I had been wearing a temporary clear retainer, no wire, for the past few weeks before the permanent retainer was ready and I was liking my completely metal free smile, but alas it's a small sacrifice and barely noticeable compared to the braces. You can actually see teeth. :-D


Finished...aligned...bite!! wonderful!!!


looks like i'm prepping to bite into a
Ruby Tuesday Colossal Burger!!

Okay so below is the wonder, or the torture device i'm not sure which, that is called the TheraBite I believe. My OS gave me this probably back in November to use to stretch my bite. The first time he 'demonstrated' how to use it I wanted to cry. It hurt SO much trying to pry the frozen muscles loose. I have never felt pain quite like that before. But now I am able to push it all the way up without much resistance and the pain was definitely worth it. Given I am a music major and that helped with a bit of the recovery because I was opening and closing my mouth so much but the therabite and intentionally ordering burgers at places like Sagebrush and Ruby Tuesday and making myself stretch open to eat them really helped as well.

the wonder that is the
Thera Bite!