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Orthognathic Surgery

6-9 Days!

My swelling decreased dramatically between days 5 and 9.

This seems like a good place to address the issue of numbness. When I first woke up in the hospital it felt like the entire middle of my face from right below my eyes down to the tip of my chin was numb! This is normal for people have have upper and lower jaw surgery. The feeling in my chin and lower lip returned quickly. In fact, I would say I had full feeling within 5 days. My upper half has been less fortunate though. After I passed the first weekend I could finally move my upper lip again to some extent although it was still extremely numb right around and including my nose. At 19 days post op now I still have some numbness which feels more like a tension in the muslces that are around the base of my nose. These, I believe, control the movement of my upper lip so it's still limited. My upper gums are still numb and this creates an odd feeling while brushing and cleaning out my bands.


This is Day 9. I think I'm almost looking normal. A little chipmunkish but closer to normal. You can definitely tell by now how much my features have been softened. I've always been one to be told that I look older than I am but I think this surgery made me look more my age.



This is a day 6 picture. The swelling rapidly decreased from day 5 to day 6 and even more on through day 9. I found that taking children's ibuprofen also helped bring the swelling down as well as with the pain.