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Orthognathic Surgery

Days 10-19!!

This week I have basically been bored and getting hungry. I hadn't had many cravings for real food until I reached the 14 day mark. Now I'm wanting to actually eat something solid instead of thin liquids. I've been my usual self. Out and about, hanging out with friends as much as that is possible with lack of communication, going shopping and to the movies. I do all these things with stuff to drink close by. It's really hard to get in my daily intake of calories and then what I need to supplement any activities I do. I've actually swam once but that was quite tiring. My OS recommended that I get at least 2000 calories a day because my body needs those just to make sure the healing process is complete and up to sped. I can definitely tell when I have not had enough to drink and I nearly passed out during the first week of recovery, although I have not had any spells like that lately.


Both of the above pictures were taken 12 days post op. I am almost back to my normal looking self. Although, I still freak out a bit when I look in the mirror. My cheeks and upper lip are a bit puffy but I will probably have most of the remaining swelling for a few months. This is typical.



This is my most recent picture at this point. 19 days post op and looking fairly normal. I went to the movie theater today. The smell of movie popcorn was almost too much to handle but I survived. (Popcorn is definitely my favorite food, so that made it worse.)